CSCA® (Certified in Strategy and Competitive Analysis)

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The CSCA: What You Will Learn

The CSCA program builds your strategic mindset.  It equips you with essential strategic concepts and analytical skills that help you and your organization meet the future with insight, agility, and confidence. The CSCA exam covers three content areas:


Strategic Analysis


Creating Competitive Advantage


Strategy Implementation and Performance Evaluation

CSCA Program Details

Program Requirements

To sit for the CSCA exam, you must:

  1. Have already passed both CMA exam parts or earned another eligible accounting or finance certification.
  2. Register to take the exam and pay the CSCA exam fees.
  3. Individuals who hold one of the 60 acceptable certifications yet are not already IMA members are no longer required to become members in order to sit for the CSCA exam.

To maintain your certification after you pass the CSCA exam, you must:

  1. Pay a $49 annual CSCA renewal fee (If you are a CMA in good standing, no annual renewal fee is required).
  2. Comply with the IMA Statement of Ethical Professional Practice.


CSCA exam fees ONLY: $600
CSCA exam fees PLUS IMA Strategy and Competitive Analysis Learning Series®: $1,295
IMA Strategy and Competitive Analysis Learning Series® ONLY: $695

CSCA Timeline

40 to 75 hours of study suggested, depending on your level of expertise.

CSCA program entry provides two years to pass the exam.

The CSCA is offered via two exam windows per year in March and September.

CSCA Program Registration

Earning your certification validates your mastery of a comprehensive body of knowledge in strategy and competitive analysis. Passing this rigorous exam is a prestigious accomplishment.

CSCA Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to common questions about the CSCA program.