Important notice: Changes coming to the CMA exam starting September 2024; only one window left to take the current exam. Learn more.

Be in Demand

Employers, recruiters, and the leaders of your company know that CMAs don't just bring skills to the table, they bring strategies.

Earn More

The IMA 2023 Salary Survey shows CMAs earn 21% more in median total compensation compared to non-CMAs.

Global Recognition

The CMA opens doors to exciting career opportunities, including high level positions at multinational corporations.

Powerful Network

Becoming a CMA connects you to IMA’s global network of about 140,000 accounting and finance professionals.

*IMA's 2023 Global Salary Survey.
**Gregory L. Krippel and Sheila Mitchell, CPA. "The CMA Advantage: An Update" September 2017

Get to the Next Tax Bracket

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Become a CMA

The skills and business acumen gained while earning the CMA also prepares professionals to pursue careers in a variety of financial capacities, from CFOs and controllers to budget and data analysis, cost management, and efficiency.