Micro Volunteering

No investment in time is too small for IMA. We offer a variety of short-term, ad-hoc volunteer opportunities for our members with interest in a variety of areas. Consider sharing your time and expertise to volunteer for one of our Micro Volunteering opportunities. 

Product Pilot Tester

Members with a passion for lifelong learning can serve as testers of our new educational products or online self-study courses and provide feedback on the course experience. In return for this short-term assignment, Product Pilot Testers can receive NASBA CPE (Continuing Professional Education) credits free of charge.

To learn more, please send a message to pilottesting@imanet.org.

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Deadline: Ongoing 

Research Panel

An important part of our mission is promoting leading-edge research and industry best practices. Members can share their thoughts and views on a variety of topics by participating in short surveys (10 to 15 minutes each) and can opt in or out at any time. Survey responses help us and our research grant recipients develop cutting-edge research relevant to the management accounting profession.

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CMA/CSCA Item Writers

Would you like to help create the content of the CMA or CSCA exam? We are always looking for volunteers (CMA or CFM certification required) to serve as subject matter experts to write exam questions. Item writers work on an independent contracted basis writing multiple-choice and essay questions, with writers compensated for accepted questions.

For more information, or to receive an application, contact Jill Passantino at jpassantino@imanet.org.

Deadline: Ongoing 

Student Scholarship Judges

Judges review and rank student applications to award scholarships ranging from $1,000 to $2,500. Timing: Late-February to March.

To learn more about becoming a Student Scholarship Judge, contact Narnesha Pawliczek at npawliczek@imanet.org.

Deadline: Ongoing 

Memorial Education Fund Grant Reviewers

Memorial Education Fund Grant Reviewers review grant submissions from chapters and councils and determine which will receive grants of up to $2,000. Timing: First 2-3 weeks of September.

To learn more, contact Amy Renner at amy.renner@imanet.org.

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