Strategic Finance Curt Verschoor Ethics Feature of the Year

The IMA Committee on Ethics and Strategic Finance invite submissions for the Curt Verschoor Ethics Feature of the Year. The competition aims to highlight a written work that contributes to a greater understanding of ethics within the business environment for management accounting and finance professionals, whether through new research, insightful analysis of a real-world event or scenario, or practical solutions to the ethical challenges of the day.

Entries must follow the manuscript guidelines for Strategic Finance, including:

The length should be approximately 2,500 to 3,000 words. It must be written in English and submitted in completed form for publication. The manuscript must not have been previously published and isn’t available to other publishers.

The annual deadline for entries is September 1. All entries will be subject to a double-blind-review process for initial evaluation, followed by the final selection of the winner by the IMA Committee on Ethics in December. The winning entry will be published in the March issue of Strategic Finance.

Submissions should be sent to Please use the subject line “Curt Verschoor Ethics Feature” and include a completed submission form.