DE&I Profile:

Rinku Bhattacharya, DPA, CMA, CPA, Chief Financial Officer, Lutheran Social Services of New York

Get an inside look into diversity at IMA. Rinku Bhattacharya shares her story.

Describe your current professional role and title.

I serve as the CFO for this complex, highly regulated nonprofit organization. My oversight includes finance, information technology, procurement, and strategic business planning.

What volunteer activities have you been involved in at IMA?

I have been an IMA member for almost 30 years and have been an active volunteer for most of this time. I have been involved at the chapter level, been a student ambassador, worked extensively with the IMA Leadership Academy, and now serve on the Global Board of Directors, where I also chair the Performance Oversight and Audit Committee.

Where were you originally born and raised? Is there anything about your culture you may want to share with the IMA community?

I was born in India, but have been raised in several different countries, spanning Asia, Africa, and Europe. I am inherently Indian-American today. What I find fascinating about India is its sheer diversity of languages, food, and religious traditions.

What are your hobbies and interests?

I love taking long walks, and I am an avid cook and emergent gardener.

What can IMA do to expand on its D&I initiative in support of its members?

I think IMA needs to further its global outreach in terms of DE&I and also understand the different intersectionalities that encompass DE&I. I would also like to see more partnerships with organizations like ALPFA [Association of Latino Professionals for America] and others to bring a greater understanding of DE&I into the IMA community.