Certificate Programs

These micro-credentials provide practical advice and hands-on learning for topics like sustainability, FP&A, and data visualization.
Complete each program and earn a professional certificate and a digital badge to showcase your expertise.

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IMA Cybersecurity & Data Practices Certificate™

Protect your company and yourself from evolving cyber threats through this online certificate program, which provides accounting and finance professionals with essential educational tools. Expand your knowledge of changing data practice compliance regulations and become an effective business partner in managing risks associated with cybersecurity.

Member: $149


Nonmember: $249

Data Analytics & Visualization Fundamentals Certificate

IMA Data Analytics & Visualization Fundamentals Certificate®

Harness the power of data to gain deeper insights into business performance and make informed strategic decisions. You’ll get hands-on, experiential learning through numerous case scenarios and practical exercises. Plus, industry experts share their proficiency and perspectives on emerging technologies, data analytics, and data visualization.

Member: $279


Nonmember: $399

DE&I Certificate

IMA Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Practices Certificate™

Determine ways the finance function can support diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) and how it benefits the entire business. Explore actionable practices to establish a sense of belonging, improve innovation, and attract, retain, and promote diverse talent. This online certificate will also help demystify DE&I, reveal its overlap with sustainability, and illustrate professional accountants’ ethical imperative to champion these initiatives.

Member: $149


Nonmember: $249

Financial Planning & Analysis Certificate

IMA Financial Planning & Analysis Certificate™

Strengthen your financial planning & analysis (FP&A) skills and help drive organizational performance while earning a professional certificate and a digital badge. Follow hypothetical case studies and real-life examples as this three-part series helps you align your company’s strategy across the organization and drive its overall performance.

Member: $249


Nonmember: $349

Sustainability Business Practices Certificate

IMA Sustainability Business Practices Certificate™

Learn how to acquire the critical skills needed to meet the changing sustainability business landscape, regulatory requirements, and effective environmental, social, and governance (ESG) management. In the end, you’ll champion the role of an effective business partner in driving the integration of sustainability in business, strategies, planning, performance, monitoring, and reporting.

Member: $299


Nonmember: $449

Beyond the Basics cover image

Beyond the Basics: Data Analytics and Visualization for Accounting Professionals

Develop an analytical mindset and prepare to use data analytic programming languages like Python and R. Learn to articulate the benefits of using Big Data and analytics in modern accounting, as well as acquiring the skills necessary for Excel, Tableau, and Visual Basic for Applications. Note: This is the next step after completing the IMA Data Analytics & Visualization Fundamentals Certificate®.

Member: $95


Nonmember: $95

Introduction to R course cover photo

Introduction to R for Data Analytics in Accounting and Finance

Explore the critical role of data analytics in business and why leaders need to understand the business analytic workflow. You will learn to use the R language and RStudio IDE to prepare data for analysis and explore the relationship between business principles and data analytics. Through practical examples, you will discover how to solve business problems with data automation and analytics, and how to communicate results effectively.

Member: $139


Nonmember: $139

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COSO Enterprise Risk Management Certificate

Recognize the value of enterprise risk management (ERM) when setting and executing strategies and objectives through expert guidance from COSO, a global leader in this field. You’ll obtain key knowledge on aligning strategic performance and ERM, as well as learn the principles of the 2017 updated ERM Framework and how to use them in your organization to drive business success.

Member: $899


Nonmember: $1,129

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COSO Internal Control-Integrated Framework Certificate

Master the tools and guidance needed to drive an effective system of internal control and learn various techniques to effectively manage the achievement of strategic objectives using the COSO Internal Control – Integrated Framework. Plus, secure the skills needed to determine if key internal controls are present and functioning to mitigate risks toward the achievement of strategic goals.

Member: $1,199


Nonmember: $1,499

What are online certificate programs?

While online courses teach a very specific topic, an online certificate program is made up of online courses, which focus on an overall theme such as sustainability or cybersecurity. By completing all the necessary courses and passing an exam, students and professionals will earn a completion certificate as well as a digital badge to display on social media sites such as LinkedIn.

Unlike a certification, such as the CMA®, CSCA®, and FMAA™, a certificate program generally does not have any prerequisites and requires far less hours to complete. That is why they are often called micro-credentials.

Online certificate programs can be pursued to advance an employee’s career or help them develop specific skills necessary as their job and the profession evolves. They also help students better prepare for a specific career, teaching them the necessary skills to get a step ahead of the competition.

The benefits of online certificate programs

Successfully completing a certificate program has several benefits: